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We are not looking for new house sitting opportunities.  But for any other question, please use the contact form below.


Annie, Spain
Animals: three dogs (Weimaraner and Spanish waterdog)

What can I say about Arend and Meike? Very simply, they are 5* house sitters! They coped with every difficulty our lives, and animals threw at them : dead cat, a dog fight, power cuts, appliances failing……..usual chaos but dealt with efficiently and calmly, all problems resolved. Arend loves any mechanical challenge so all broken appliances were soon mended. Meike loves cooking and enjoyed the fully equipped kitchen, making wonderful, healthy NON-sugar goodies for our return.
They came originally to sit for a week. My 3 complicated rescue dogs (with associated issues) loved them from the first moment. We felt so confident that we asked them to stay on and took the opportunity to have our first, proper holiday for 6 years. Then, when my husband had a cancer scare, they drove all the way back from Portugal to take the reins again in case of emergency – my wonderful angels.
I cannot recommend Arend and Meike too highly; their calm demeanour makes them excellent pet sitters and their ability to cope with “disasters” also qualifies them as wonderful house sitters.
If you would like to contact me personally please use my email: <email available on request> in the first instance.


Jodie, Portugal

What an amazing couple!!

They have cared for my house for the past 9 months and they have been absolutely incredible. They have looked after the house in exactly the same way that I do. Nothing has been any trouble for them and I have felt completely confident that the house is in safe hands. They are a really intelligent and lovely couple who are very capable of dealing with anything. I cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone who is looking for someone to take care of their house, totally fantastic people!

Taffy, Spain

Animals: dog, horse, three cats

Meike and Arend housesat for us for six weeks in September. We have a varied menagre of animals from a Spaniel with tummy troubles, a stroppy horse and 3 warring cats. They coped very well with all those demands, and Meike even re-educated my horse in some essential manners. Seamus our dog loved them and their little dog, Daisy. This is important for us as 6 weeks apart is a long time.

They both coped with the demands of living off-grid in the Campo, with a variable water supply. Our house was beautifully clean and neat and cared for. Our neighbors have a high regard for them as well.
We can highly recommend Arend and Meike for house and animal sitting.
<email available on request>

Meike en paard Blanca

Janneke, Portugal 
Animals: two goats and five dogs (of which three rescue dogs with issues)

I was a bit sceptical about having house sitters, especially after a bad experience. Meike and Arend arrived at 6 pm and while having diner I quickly felt comfortable with them. The next morning we talked some things through, so we both knew what to expect. I was surprised they were ready for work at 10  in the morning. Arend helped me repairing the gate and Meike started to clean up the garage. They both worked hard. I was totally confident to leave for holiday. They have been taking care of my animals (2 goats, 5 dogs of which three rescue dogs with issues) excellently. When I came back they had made a vegetable garden and my horse trailer was repaired. If they want to come back next year, they are very welcome.
(Translated from Dutch)
House sit Portugal
 Meike with the baby goats

Mark Wilkins, France
Animals: two dogs, two cats, chickens, ducks and fish
Dependable, adaptable, capable, calm, independent and above all considerate – Arend & Meike are everything you need in a great house-sitting team. They answered our call, when others had let us down, and were able to rush to our side. We and our precious pets felt immediately comfortable in their presence and a week later, on our return home, everyone was happy and our house was clean and in order. We would definitely recommended Arend and Meike for other house and pet sitting assignments.
House sit France

Koosje, The Netherlands 
Animals: Koi carps, rabbits, chickens and ducks

Arend en Meike have been house sitting for three weeks. They took care of our house, garden, koi carps, rabbits, chickens and ducks. We highly recommend Arend and Meike for house sitters. They are very friendly and gave us a comfortable feeling, so we could go on holiday with confidencee. We have been confirmed in our confidence. They care a lot about the health and wellfare of the animals. The garden was neatly maintained and the house was clean and tidy when we came back.
(Translated from Dutch)

Koi Pond Filter
Arend with the filtering system of the koi carps

Annelot, The Netherlands 
Animals: dog (Jack Russel Terrier), cat, two Icelandic horses

Meike en Arend have been house sitting several times, they took care of the animals with lots of love. The dogswas happy when they arrived and loved cuddling with them. My cat was very shy in the beginning, but in the end they are best of friends. I could feel my two Icelandic horses being calm and happy with both Arend and Meike

Leaving the house was no problem with them being around, and it was lovely to come home. A clean house, a cup of tea ready and sometimes Meike baked a nice cake to welcome me home.
(Translated from Dutch)

Jan, The Netherlands
Animals: five horses, two dogs (German Shepherds), chickens, fish

I left my house and animals to Arend and Meike in the summer of 2013. I was very content with them. The animals were taken care of very well, they even went to the vet with one of the dogs and administered medication in her ear. The house was clean when I came back,

I highly recommend them for house sitting for your house and animals, and I would love to have them more often as house sitters.
(Translated from Dutch)

About Us

We are Arend (’79) and Meike (’83) and with our little dog Daisy, we travel through Europe and the Netherlands to house sit. House sitting is a great way to explore the world, to connect with people and enjoy the company of animals. It brings us to surprising places, we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves to visit, but every place seems to have it’s own beauty.

Arend loves nature, hiking and biking. When we are taking care of dogs, he is the one who takes them on great walks. He loves technical things like arduino but also fixing electronics like water pumps. One of the home owners we often house sit for always says he has an engineering brain.

Arend is a software programmer and at the moment he is working on our Dutch website, which connects house sitters and house owners.  When not out and about, you can often find him working on his laptop, on a standing table he managed to make.

Meike loves crocheting, playing piano, yoga and experimenting with healthy foods, and spends as much time as possible outside. She runs an informative website about feline and canine nutrition, (Dutch) and gives  nutritional advice for pets.

Meike loves animals and learning, and after finishing her Bachelor of Communications and Bachelor of Arts, she has completed the following online courses:

Animal behaviour and wellfare, The university of Edinburgh

Equine nutrition, The university of Edinburgh

The horse course: Introduction to basic care and management, University of Florida

Lovingly taking care of your animals

Are you going away and do you need house sitters who can take care of your pets, or other animals? Knowing they are in good hands will give you peace of mind. We love animals and have experience with dogs, cats, horses, chickens, sheep, goats, ducks, rabbits, lama’s and fish, and we are happy to take care of any other animal.

Our experience

We especially like dogs and horses and have a lot of experience with taking care of them. Because of our dog, we only sit cats when they live outside the house. Read more about our experience with




Animal care

We will make sure your animal(s):

  • get an abundance of attention
  • will be taken to the veterinarian when necessary
  • will get enough exercise if needed (dogs, horses)
  • get fed according to your preferences
  • get their medication if necessary

Sensitive animals

Sensitive animals

We are experienced with sensitive animals and being sensitive to their feelings we can give them the time and space they need to feel comfortable with us. Owners of sensitive animals have experienced that their animal is in perfect condition when they return home and that this time the horse or dog isn’t behaving any different than normal.