About Us

We are Arend (’79) and Meike (’83) and we travel through Europe and the Netherlands. In the summer we often stay in our static caravan on a forest campsite in the Netherlands. In the colder months we go to the south. We love to explore mountains and forests by car camping, and stay in a lot of different places by house sitting.

We think house sitting is a great way to explore the world, to connect with people and enjoy the company of animals. It brings us to surprising places, we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves to visit, but every place seems to have it’s own beauty.

Arend loves nature, hiking and biking. When we are taking care of dogs, he is the one who takes them on great walks. He loves technical things like arduino but also fixing electronics like water pumps. One of the home owners we often house sit for always says he has an engineering brain.

Arend is a software programmer and at the moment he is working on our Dutch website  www.huizenoppassite.nl, which connects house sitters and house owners.  When not out and about, you can often find him working on his laptop, on a standing table he made himself.

Meike loves crocheting, playing piano, yoga and experimenting with healthy foods, and spends as much time as possible outside. She runs an informative website about feline and canine nutrition,  www.voerwijzer.com (Dutch) and gives nutritional advice for pets.

Meike loves animals and learning, and after finishing her Bachelor of Communications and Bachelor of Arts, she has completed the following online courses:

Animal behaviour and wellfare, The university of Edinburgh

Equine nutrition, The university of Edinburgh

The horse course: Introduction to basic care and management, University of Florida