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We love cats, and have had cats of our own.  We have been cat sitting a lot of different cats, and we enjoy their company. They will be fed according to your preferences, and played and cuddled with if they like.

Horse sitters Spain and Portugal

Are you looking for experienced sitters for your horses/ponies so they will be in good hands while you are away? We love horses and would be happy to take care of them, and make sure they’re as happy as always.

Meike has been a horse lover ever since she visited a farm with shetland horses when she was nine years old. She took care of several ponies, has been riding in riding schools for years and has been wwoofing (work for room and board) on a Tennessee Walking Horse stable. Meike likes groundwork (both free and online), riding recreationally (both English and Western style) and has a special interest in natural horsemanship. We have loved our house sits with horses, both horses who only needs the basics (food and cleaning up) and horses who can be worked with or ridden.

Dog sitters Spain and Portugal

Are you looking for a dog sitter in Spain or Portugal? For most dogs its preferable to stay at home, instead of going to a kennel or a home that is not his/hers. We would be happy to help you out and take care of your dogs in their own home, so you can go away without worries. 

We love dogs, and also have had a little dog of our own. We have experience with all sorts of dogs: small, big, shy, bold, scared, naughty, independent and sick dogs. With every house sit we learn more about dogs and different canine behaviours. We think dogs need confident and consequent leaders, who treat them with respect and love.

How we work

Are you looking for trustworthy sitters for your animals, garden and house? We’d love to come and house sit, so you can leave with peace of mind.

What we do

While staying in your house we take care of all important things, while you are away.

  • We take care of the animals
  • We take care of the plants inside the house
  • We take care of the garden
  • We take care of the mail (collecting from mail box, and can send you photographs of important mail if you ask)
  • We take care of any technical issues
  • We are a sort of in home security by staying at home every night and most of the day

Also important: we don’t cancel. We hear quite often from home owners that the house sitters who were to come cancelled on them. Sometimes quite close to the starting date, which is stressful if you have already planned a holiday or family visit.

Where do we house sit? 

During autumn, winter and early spring, we are in the South of Europe, usually Spain, Portugal and the south of France.

During the summer months we are available in The Netherlands and possibly in other Northern countries.

What periods do we house sit? 

We prefer longer periods, like a month or several months.  Shorter periods might be possible if it’s between two longer house sits for example.  You can always contact us and ask for the possibilities.

Getting to know each other

We believe it is important for both parties to be comfortable with each other. If possible we prefer to meet in person. If we cannot meet in person, we try to (video) call to get to know each other and to talk things through.

How much does it cost ?

We see house sitting as a mutual exchange of services and therefore do not ask for any payment for the time we sit. Sometimes we ask for a compensation of our travel expenses, depending on the circumstances.

About Us

We are Arend (’79) and Meike (’83) and we travel through Europe and the Netherlands. In the summer we often stay in our static caravan on a forest campsite in the Netherlands. In the colder months we go to the south. We love to explore mountains and forests by car camping, and stay in a lot of different places by house sitting.

We think house sitting is a great way to explore the world, to connect with people and enjoy the company of animals. It brings us to surprising places, we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves to visit, but every place seems to have it’s own beauty.

Arend loves nature, hiking and biking. When we are taking care of dogs, he is the one who takes them on great walks. He loves technical things like arduino but also fixing electronics like water pumps. One of the home owners we often house sit for always says he has an engineering brain.

Arend is a software programmer and at the moment he is working on our Dutch website, which connects house sitters and house owners.  When not out and about, you can often find him working on his laptop, on a standing table he made himself.

Meike loves crocheting, playing piano, yoga and experimenting with healthy foods, and spends as much time as possible outside. She runs an informative website about feline and canine nutrition, (Dutch) and gives nutritional advice for pets.

Meike loves animals and learning, and after finishing her Bachelor of Communications and Bachelor of Arts, she has completed the following online courses:

Animal behaviour and wellfare, The university of Edinburgh

Equine nutrition, The university of Edinburgh

The horse course: Introduction to basic care and management, University of Florida