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We love cats, and have had cats of our own before.  Our dog Daisy doesn’t love them as much as we do, she gets nervous when cats are around and she tries to chase them. Especially when the cats are living inside the house.

That’s why we only house sit with cats, when the cats live outside and aren’t too much bothered by a dog who tries to chase them every now and then.

Horse sitters Spain and Portugal

Are you looking for experienced sitters for your horses/ponies so they will be in good hands while you are away? We love horses and would be happy to take care of them, and make sure they’re as happy as always.

Meike has been a horse lover ever since she visited a farm with shetland horses when she was nine years old. She took care of several ponies, has been riding in riding schools for years and has been wwoofing (work for room and board) on a Tennessee Walking Horse stable. Meike likes groundwork (both free and online), riding recreationally (both English and Western style) and has a special interest in natural horsemanship. We have loved our house sits with horses, both horses who only needs the basics (food and cleaning up) and horses who can be worked with or ridden.

Dog sitters Spain and Portugal

Are you looking for a dog sitter in Spain or Portugal? For most dogs its preferable to stay at home, instead of going to a kennel or a home that is not his/hers. We would be happy to help you out and take care of your dogs in their own home, so you can go away without worries. 

We love dogs, and also have a little dog of our own. We have been taking care of several very different dogs by house sitting. We have experience with all sorts of dogs: small, big, shy, bold, scared, naughty, independent and sick dogs. With every house sit we learn more about dogs and different canine behaviours. We think dogs need confident and consequent leaders, who treat them with respect and love.

Daisy, our own little dog, comes with us. Therefore it’s important that your dogs are kind to a small dog on their property.