How we work

Are you looking for trustworthy sitters for your animals, garden and house? We’d love to come and house sit, so you can leave with peace of mind.

What we do

While staying in your house we take care of all important things, while you are away.

  • We take care of the animals
  • We take care of the plants inside the house
  • We take care of the garden
  • We take care of the mail (collecting from mail box, and can send you photographs of important mail if you ask)
  • We take care of any technical issues
  • We are a sort of in home security by staying at home every night and most of the day

Also important: we don’t cancel. We hear quite often from home owners that the house sitters who were to come cancelled on them. Sometimes quite close to the starting date, which is stressful if you have already planned a holiday or family visit.

Where do we house sit? 

During autumn, winter and early spring, we are in the South of Europe, usually Spain, Portugal and the south of France.

During the summer months we are available in The Netherlands and possibly in other Northern countries.

What periods do we house sit? 

We prefer longer periods, like a month or several months.  Shorter periods might be possible if it’s between two longer house sits for example.  You can always contact us and ask for the possibilities.

Getting to know each other

We believe it is important for both parties to be comfortable with each other. If possible we prefer to meet in person. If we cannot meet in person, we try to (video) call to get to know each other and to talk things through.

How much does it cost ?

We see house sitting as a mutual exchange of services and therefore do not ask for any payment for the time we sit. Sometimes we ask for a compensation of our travel expenses, depending on the circumstances.